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Our Top 7 reasons Why you should Choose Tower Hire and saleS for your Mobile Security camera supply needs

1. Reduce your operating costs

Hire towers as and when you need them, removing the need for large capital investment.

2. Increase the value of your security business

The flexibility to hire our equipment enables your business to offer current customers enhanced security solutions, while also giving you the potential to expand into new markets without the risk of investing in permanent infrastructure before it is required.

3. We’ve got you covered

Offering uninterrupted surveillance, our CCTV captures everything, 24/7, 365 days a year. Unlike manned security, there are no breaks or distractions, minimising the potential for human error. Our cutting-edge ATN monitoring software available exclusively to tower hire and sales agents allows remote site monitoring so you, your designate monitoring station and your clients can monitor sites and businesses wherever you are.

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4. The right product for you

In addition to our top of the range security towers and cutting edge monitoring software, our add-ons provide the answer to your specific security and site management needs. From access control to time and attendance, from fire alarms to flood level sensors, whether an add-on to your current solution or a complete security solution in themselves, we’ve got you covered.

5. Invaluable experience and expertise

Starting in the security business in 1991, our managing director has 28 years’ experience in the industry. So you can rely on our insight and experience.  Let us know your security problem and we will find the right solution for you.

6. Innovative

Typically the nature of the industries we work within pose challenges like connectivity and power. Our innovations such as our solar tower, the first of its kind, with our business integration gateway “the iBox” combine cloud based technology with a carbon neutral power supply, all designed and manufactured by our own in house innovation team.

7. Outstanding quality

You can be sure that all our equipment and software is designed and built to the highest standards.

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